Barrel & Cask Storage

Barrel & Cask Storage

Achieving and maintaining the correct humidity level in wine storage areas is essential as it has a big impact on the storage and ageing process.

The wooden barrels the wine is stored in can absorb or release moisture depending on the humidity level in the store so a well-designed humidity control system can help find the right rh level and then maintain, regardless of outside environment changes.

Problems such as cracks appearing in the barrels through the wood drying out and evaporation of the wine can occur when the air becomes too dry. By adding moisture into the atmosphere, lost product can be reduced by up to 50%, therefore saving the producer money through less wasted product.


  • Whisky cask storage
  • Wine barrel storage


  • Maintenance steady humidity level
  • Low energy costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Prevents wooden casks from cracking and leaking
  • Less than 5 micron droplets
  • Non-drip & self-cleaning