Venting, Air Handling Units & Exhaust Systems

Venting, Air Handling Units & Exhaust Systems

Venting, air handling units and exhaust systems are necessary in many food and beverage factories. Should the production process or ingredients generate unpleasant odours that are then omitted from the site, a solution must be found to ensure no complaints are made.

Sealpump has vast experience in the design, supply and installation of complete odour control systems, with a vast product range covering all odour control solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Using quality components within our well-designed systems ensures our customers receive an effective and reliable odour control solution. Please contact our office for assistance in solving your odour control problems.


  • Effective and reliable solutions
  • Varied product range for all odour control requirements
  • Quality materials and components
  • Low running costs
  • Low maintenance


  • Fogging Nozzles
  • Odour Control Atomisers
  • Controls
  • Airopure