Material Pressure Tanks

Material Pressure Tanks

Through Sealpump Engineering Limited’s sister company Spray Direct @ Sealpump Limited, we are able to offer the Walther Pilot Gmbh range of material pressure tanks. Walther Pilot is a leading German manufacturer of spray coating systems, including spray guns, material pressure tanks, spray systems and spray booths. We supply these tanks for general material transfer systems and also for use in our customer-designed spray systems.

The material tanks built by Walther Pilot are highly suited for preparing, evacuating, adjusting temperature and, of course, conveying a variety of materials without pulsations.

Walther Pilot material pressure tanks meet the highest demand in terms of quality and product safety. The conformity assessment procedure chosen by Walther Pilot ensures that we can react to special requests with a high level of flexibility. The tanks are certified to manufacture according to the US ASME code as well as Chinese regulations.

At Sealpump, we use these high quality pressure tanks as a key component in our range of automated spray systems for fluid delivery, as pressure tanks are ideally suited for providing pulsation-free material supply, and can therefore be used in many applications where the material is being sprayed. However, they can also be used for many, many applications with different materials as a way of moving liquids to different areas of production or process lines without a spray application.

They can be used to maintain a liquid’s temperature, both hot and cold, and also to keep sensitive materials moving or agitated.

Galvanised and stainless steel versions are available. Air-powered and electric agitators as well as other fittings, e.g. level and temperature sensors, can be mounted on the tank lid if required. Standard tanks are available from one litre up to 250 litres, while special tanks can be made up to 5,000-litre capacity.


No pulsation spray in spray and dosing systems
The material is safely stored
The material can be stirred or temperature controlled
Tank sizes from one litre to 5,000 litres available
Standard and special tanks available
Heating or cooling jacket tanks
Manual, pneumatic and electric agitators
Mixing tanks from 35 litres to 500 litres
Lifting devices
Level measurement and control technology


Use in all spraying system applications
Mixing and dosing technology
Foam and adhesive processing
Automotive industry and suppliers
Surface technology
Manufacture of lacquers, paints, adhesives and separating industries
Food industry
Plastics and chemical industries