Paint Spraying

Paint Spraying

Through our sister company, Spray Direct @ Sealpump Limited – the UK’s agent for the Walther Pilot Gmbh range of spray equipment – we are now able to offer the full range of Walther Pilot manual and automatic spray guns, all designed to give the highest quality paint finish in automotive paint shops and spray booths.

Both the manual and automatic guns have the advantage of Walther Pilot air cap technology, including the innovative HVLP Plus nozzle air cap technology. This new development in spray technology combines the advantage of HVLP and conventional atomisation meaning optimum results are achieved and expensive material is saved and not wasted.

The range includes a wide choice of user friendly, ergonomic and high quality manual spray guns as well as a full range of automatic ones which can be mounted on robots or included as part of an automated spray system. Sealpump can also supply paint mixing and delivery systems using our range of mixing vessels, agitators, material pressure tanks, pumps and controls.

Whether your process requires a spray gun for the finest, most delicate spray job or for a mass production high end finish, Sealpump and Walther Pilot have the right spray gun for your needs.


All manual versions have an automatic equivalent
Automatic guns are ideal for use with robots
High quality construction and high performance
Gravity and pressure fed versions available
Material mixing and delivery systems available


Mass production car parts spraying
Small decorative spray jobs, refinish jobs
Automotive paint shops
Paint spray booths

Manual spray guns

automatic spray guns

pressure tanks

mixing vessels