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Tank Washing Nozzles

Whether your tanks require a light rinse or high-impact wash, Sealpump offer a variety of tank washing nozzles available with technical expertise to assist in selecting the most suitable product for your application.

  • A number of key factors are to be considered before selecting a tank washing nozzle
  • Size and shape of the tank to be cleaned
  • Vessel opening for the tank washing nozzle to fit
  • Type of material to be removed
  • Spray coverage
  • Operating pressure

In conjunction with our range of tank washing nozzles we offer the design and supply of automated tank washing systems, such systems are key in achieving cost savings, examples as follows:

  • Reduced labour cost
  • Reduced down-time
  • Reduced water and chemical costs
  • Reduced waste water disposal costs.
  • Quicker cleaning times

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Sealpump have helped solved numerous tank washing problems: – From Clean in Place Systems for brewing companies to washing heavily soiled tanks at cosmetics manufacturers.

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