Humidification Reduces Static for Digital Printing Company

A Sealpump Engineering Case Study

"UK digital printing and packaging company uses Sealpump Humidification Systems to reduce static and improve production quality."


A leading UK manufacturer of digital printing, print and packaging was having problems with low levels of humidity in two of their production rooms and needed to add moisture back into the atmosphere in order to reduce static build and reduce expensive paper curling before being printed.

While moisture was needed to be added in order to increase the relative humidity, it was important that no expensive printing machines were left with moisture on them. They had previously used a steam system but due to high maintenance and expensive running costs proved unsustainable.


Sealpump engineers visited site to discuss the application and issues the maintenance and production team were having, after a site survey, it was agreed that our Ultrasonic Dry Fog nozzle system would be ideal in raising the relative humidity levels without causing wetting.

As there were two separate areas to control independently, the full system supplied included a PLC based touch screen control system which was capable of controlling different humidity levels in different zones, therefore reducing unnecessary extra control panels and allowing the operators to monitor and adjust settings from one central master controller.

The dry fog nozzles selected added moisture to the atmosphere of the digital room therefore reducing static build up, while the nozzles placed in the large printing room reduced stored paper from drying out and curling, leading to a reduction in the amount of waste while improving the working environment.

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