Microwaveable Rice Manufacturer

A Sealpump Engineering Case Study

"Microwaveable rice manufacturer improves cooking efficiency by installing starch solution spraying systems."


A large microwavable rice packet manufacturer needed to find a reliable way of adding a starch solution to their pre-packed rice products, making sure the correct amount was added to each packet. They wanted to add the starch solution to improve the cooking quality of the rice and to ensure that the rice cooked evenly.

The problem they had experienced before with their original dispensing system was they didn’t have any way of accurately controlling the amount of solution applied.


After an initial site survey and discussions with site engineers to establish what they were looking for in terms of system controls and linking into their existing production line. Once the scope of supply was agreed, we then designed, supplied and commissioned a spray system that would fit their needs exactly.

Two stainless steel spray headers were supplied using air assisted atomising nozzles, with a nozzle mounted for every rice packet that would pass underneath, proxy sensors and in-built timers were used to sense the rice, which then triggered the ​sprays.

The system was supplied with a fully automated spray controller package, including touch screen controls with pre-programmed spray programmes to allow for different amounts of starch to be applied depending on the product type. An automatic delivery system comprising of a pump and level controlled pressure tank were also supplied.

The system provided a much improved system which now accurately controls the amount of starch solution used and now gives excellent repeatability and peace of mind to the operators.

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