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Eductors & Air Nozzles

Eductor nozzles provide an effective and economical way to circulate and mix liquids in both open and closed tanks. These eductors have no moving parts, are clog resistant and require little or no maintenance. The Eductor nozzles will reduce settling of suspended solids, improve circulation, maintain uniform liquid characteristics, mix chemicals, or move solids along the bottom of the tank. This nozzle offers a light weight inexpensive alternative to mechanical mixing methods.

The operation of the eductor nozzle creates a multiplying effect of fluid flow. Depending on the model and operating pressure the volume of liquid discharged from these nozzles can be 4 to 5 times greater than the fluid pumped.

Positioning for eductor nozzles: in order to agitate liquids or liquids with suspended solids, position the eductor nozzle at the bottom of one side of the tank and direct the plume upwards towards the opposite side of the tank, aiming at the highest likely liquid level.

If you need to sweep solids along the tank bottom: direct the eductor plume downward at a 10 to 20 degree angle, using a sufficient number of units to cover the bottom surface of the tank.

Optimisation Tips:

  • Evaluate your specific spraying application and implement a regular nozzle maintenance plan.
  • Be sure to use the best type of eductor nozzle for your application, contact our office for assistance with this.
  • Monitor flow rate and pressure to detect wear of the orifice.

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