Frozen Pizza Manufacturer

A Sealpump Engineering Case Study

"Frozen Pizza Manufacturer reduces energy costs by replacing a steam tunnel for product adhesion with Dry Fog technology."


A large scale frozen pizza manufacturer needed to make sure that pizza topping such as chicken and pepperoni adhered to the pizza before freezing and then packing. Ensuring the topping adheres to the base is extremely important as this affects product taste and appearance, as well as meaning that there can be a high rate of wasted toppings if they fall off before freezing


After carrying out successful on-site trials, Sealpump designed and supplied a cold water and air nozzle system to replace the steam tunnel system, which now, while offering much better coverage of the product, control and repeatability, has greatly reduced the energy and maintenance costs. Our system was retrofitted into the existing hood on the product line meaning there was little disruption the production.

The use of our Dry Fog system has also created a decrease in rejected product and wasted toppings.

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Case Study

Microwaveable Rice Manufacturer

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