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Regardless of the individual demands you place on an air humidification system, a Merlin high pressure humidification system is planned exactly in line with your needs and is installed without any interruption to your production process.

Merlin high pressure humidification systems use advanced micro drop technology for ultra-fine atomisation, allowing accurate control over the moisture content and 100% evaporation.

There are two categories of High Pressure Air Humidification:

State-of-the-art Technology & Safety

high-pressure-humidification-page-imageThe humidity is controlled exactly using single zone controls through to computer controlled multi-zone controls. Accurate measuring sensors combined with built-in safety hygrostats provide individual levels of air humidity from room to room.

All the parts of the high pressure unit are arranged in a protected manner but are nevertheless easily accessible. The filtered humidifier water (softened or demineralised / RO) is increased to 50-70 bar pressure through an oil-free water hydraulic pump.

Water is supplied to the atomiser units through a flexible high pressure pipe network. The high pressure units are available optionally from 15 to 1200 litres humidifying capacity per hour (for 10,000 – 500,000 m³ ambient air).

  • Single-zone or multi-zone humidity control
  • Accurate measuring sensors
  • Built-in safety hygrostats
  • 15 to 1200 litres humidifying capacity per hour

Why Sealpump?
  • One of the world’s leading suppliers of high pressure humidification systems
  • Low maintenance and low operating costs
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Eliminates dust, mould, bacteria & virus
  • Plug and play installation
  • Reduction of wastage in production
  • Reduction of static electricity & dust
  • Improved indoor climate

Case Study

Pharmaceutical CIP

"Shower Gel & cosmetic creams manufacturer improves process cleanliness & lost production through less downtime with automated clean in place system."

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