Flat Fan Nozzles

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Our flat fan nozzles ensure a uniform distribution of liquids as either a flat or sheet type spray.

Flat Fan Nozzles

We offer a wide range of flow rates and pressures with spray angles available from 0° (solid stream) to 145°.

All flat fan nozzles benefit from an unobstructed flow passage thus minimising clogging potential.



  • Evaluate your specific spraying application and implement a regular nozzle maintenance plan.
  • Use nozzle strainers or in line filters to reduce nozzle blockage.
  • Use adjustable pipe clamp assemblies for quick, precise nozzle orientation.

Optimisation (cont)
  • Monitor flow rate and pressure to detect wear, loss of pressure and or increase in flow confirms nozzle wear.
  • A sudden pressure increase usually results in blocked nozzles.
  • Contact our office for further assistance and to reduce operating costs through precision spray technology.

Case Study

UK Car Plant Dust Control

"UK car plant improves humidity and dust control while reducing rejected painted parts."

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