Direct Room Humidification

Micro Drop Technology

Discover Our Direct Room Humidification

The Merlin Alpha & Viscore air humidification system are used when the room is directly humidified. In this case, the micro drop technology transfers the treated water via a high-pressure system to innovative humidification units. These units are installed on the ceiling or the wall where they then emit finely vaporized water into the room.

Your Benefits:
  • Functional Module Design
  • Variable Humidification System
  • High Operational Safety
  • Easy Handling – Visualisation & Data Storage on PC Possible
  • Individual Interface to building control systems
  • Low maintenance & operating costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • High Hygiene Standard
  • Self-assemble possible with Viscore

Case Study

Pet Food Manufacturer

"Pet Food Manufacturer uses Sealpump Engineering spray technology to add vitamins to product."

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