Coating Systems

Hydraulic And Air Assisted Atomising Nozzles And Systems

Coating Systems


Repeatable results through spray control

Consistency of the final product is essential in all coating applications, therefore achieving controlled and repeatable product coating through accurate spray system design, improves the efficiency of any production process.

We design, supply and install a comprehensive range of hydraulic and air assisted atomising nozzles and systems to help achieve complete control and even spray coverage, reducing waste and overspray even when applying viscous or heated coatings. Our systems are designed by working alongside our customers to achieve the best results for them as all applications require different set ups and control. Our team of sales engineers can visit site to understand your requirements, and support you from initial site survey through to system install.

Sealpump’s spray coating systems are used in applications as diverse as adding moisture to corrugated products to evenly applying a variety of glazes and viscous coatings to many food and baked goods.  We work with the customer to make sure that the correct delivery and control system is supplied, with a wide range of control panel and mounting options available depending on the customers’ requirement.

  • Spraying slurries such as starch yeast and sugar
  • Adding moisture to corrugated products
  • Coating animal feed with vitamins
  • Applying oil, flavourings and butter onto bakery products before baking to enhance taste & appearance

  • Adding water moisture to both help with adhesion of ingredients and maintain moisture loss from freezing
  • The application of viscous or heated coatings such as chocolate
  • Spraying tiger glaze onto baked goods
  • Applying egg glazes & many more

Case Study

Microwaveable Rice Manufacturer

"Microwaveable rice manufacturer improves cooking efficiency by installing starch solution spraying systems."

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