Spray Systems for Wood & Wood Panelled Products

Automatic Spray Systems for Wood

Spray Systems for Wood & Wood Panelling

Spray Systems for Wood & Wood Panelled Products. In the wood manufacturing and processing industry, there are a number of applications that benefit from our well designed wood automated spray systems and our Avanced Pulse Spray System; these include:

  • Spraying waxes or resins
  • Applying specialist wood coatings
  • Spraying release agents
  • Spray Moistening
  • Spray Marking

Whichever process or material is sprayed the aim is always to provide the most efficent spray solution in the most efficient manner, by reducing the amount of material applied and wasted, improving spray coverage, reducing maintenance and making the production process quicker.

As a lot of engineered wood manufacturing is high volume, having the correct spray system to apply a mould release agent, resin or water is very important as the control our spray systems offer have a direct effect on the running costs and process efficiency of the plant.

Material application can be controlled accurately by our Advanced Pulse Spray nozzles and controller, where the on/off of the spray is controlled by an electrically actuated valve within the nozzle. This allows the user to adjust the flow rate and duration without changing the liquid pressure, therefore maintaining spray performance with accurate control over application rates.

Misting and overspray is also eliminated with this method, reducing the downtime for cleaning and maintenance.


Reduced material use

Less wastage

More accurate coverage

Hygienic design







Improves production efficiency

Reduces material usage

Improves final wood product finish


Electrically actuated nozzles

Full control system available

Link into line or machine controls

Case Study

Mould Release Spray System

"The site manufactures moulded PU products for the offshore industry. Engineered mouldings are produced for buoyancy, bend protection, thermal insulation and marine fenders, etc."

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