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Humidification is the artificial regulation of humidity in environments. When the atmosphere becomes too dry, moisture is drawn from surrounding materials within the environment such as furniture, paper, textiles, fruit, animals and even people.

Commercial and Industrial Humidity Control Systems

Low relative humidity is not only uncomfortable, it can be damaging to equipment and materials. It also causes static electricity to generate which in turn produces unpleasant effects in many cases. Sealpump humidification systems solve these problems efficiently and reliably, and have low maintenance and operating costs.

The ambient humidity also influences how people experience warmth if the ambient air is too dry, then its temperature must be increased by 1-2 degrees C so that people feel as comfortable as when the air is controlled properly.


Industrial & Commercial Applications

Our humidification systems are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including the following:

Art & Antiques Humidification

A lot of care is taken in preserving, storing, and displaying items with historical significance for both current and future generations to enjoy works of art or artefacts which help understand all aspects of history. This means the temperature and humidity of where they are stored and displayed must be tightly controlled.

For more information, see our Art & Antiques Humidification page.

Automotive Humidification Systems

Being able to accurately and reliably control humidity levels in the automotive manufacturing process can improve productivity and reduce rejected painted parts. Sealpump’s humidity control systems can reduce airborne dust in unpainted storage areas, reduce paint evaporation in paint shops and add moisture to the atmosphere to reduce static in sanding decks.

For more information, see our Automotive Industry Humidification page.

Barrel & Cask Storage Humidification

Creating the best atmosphere with the correct humidity in wine storage areas is critical to improving the storage and ageing process. The wooden barrels the wine is stored can dry meaning they can start to absorb the wine, by adding moisture to the atmosphere with one of Sealpump’s humidification systems, lost product can be reduced by up to 50%. .

For more information, see our Barrel & Cask Storage Humidification page.

Humidity Control for Bread Coolers

If you have an existing bread cooler or are installing a new cooler in your bakery Sealpump can help by installing our Ultrasonic Fogging humidification system to accurately control the humidity level. By using our fogging system, water usage and running costs are greatly reduced.

For more information, see our Bread Cooler Humidification page.

Cold Store Humidification Systems

As cold air does not hold moisture as well as warm air, so adding ambient air can cause condensation. The warmer ambient air can absorb moisture from the produce which increases weight loss, reduced shelf life and results in financial loss. Accurate and reliable humidification can address these problems.

For more information, see our Cold Store Humidification page.

Data Centre Humidification

If you have too much humidity in your data centre, it can lead to condensation, and this can lead to corrosion and electrical shorts. Insufficient humidity can cause electrostatic which is a danger to electronics.

For more information, visit our Data Centre Humidification page..

Humidity Control for Dough Fermentation Rooms

If you are a baker with a Fermentation room Sealpump can help improve this process by installing one of our automatic humidification systems that will create a stable environment and provide a consistently good end product. These systems can add moisture back into the atmosphere and require little or no maintenance..

For more information, see our Dough Fermentation Humidity Control page.

Flour Dust Control

In industries such as baking, there are machines and processes that create heat and consequently make the production area hot and dry for the staff working there. By adding a humidification system in the critical process areas it can make the environment a much more comfortable place to work. Another advantage of using a direct room humidification system within a bakery is that it helps suppress and reduce flour dust.

For more information, see our Employee Comfort & Cooling in the Baking Industry page.

Humidity Control for Fresh Produce Cold Storage

Sealpump humidification systems can help fresh produce producers and suppliers increase the shelf life of their products by maintaining water content in the product and by not wetting any storage equipment or floors. Moisture created by our fogging systems allow the product to hold its weight for longer and help reduce the risk of disease

For more information, see our Fresh Produce Humidity Control page.

Humidity for Furniture & Flooring Manufacture

The manufacturing of furniture and flooring is a process which requires exact repeatability to make sure that the finished product, whether that be hardwood flooring, cabinets or doors and windows, are always the same in terms of dimensions, quality and appearance.

For more information, see our Humidity for Furniture & Flooring page.

Humidification Systems for Healthcare

Maintaining a consistently controlled healthy environment is essential in all healthcare settings such as hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and many more. The Orbit Wing in duct humidification system is a very efficient and effective way of controlling humidity and supplying humidified air to various areas and rooms within the building.

For more information, see our Humidification Systems for Healthcare page.

Humidification and Infection Control

One of the most overlooked, but important, benefits of having the correct humidity levels indoors is how it reduces the spread and transmission of airborne viruses and bacteria. Numerous scientific studies show that it is critical to maintain indoor humidity levels between 40-6-% rh to create the healthiest and most comfortable environment.

For more information, see our Humidification and Infection Control page.

Humidity Moisture Meters

Merlin Technologies' range of hand held and pocket size devices allow for quick, reliable and accurate measuring of temperature, relative air humidity, dew point, and equilibrium wood moisture content in production and storage halls and many more. These measuring devices can be used in conjunction with our large range of humidity control equipment.

See our Temperature and Humidity Moisture Meters page..

Mobile Humidifiers & Air Purifiers

Using our new Air-C 150 or Air-C Duo is an easy and effective way of making the environments you spend most of your time in, healthy and as safe and comfortable as possible.

For more information, visit our Mobile Humidifiers & Air Purifiers page..

Humidification for Mushroom Storage & Growing

Our Dry Fog humidification system is perfectly suited to mushroom houses as it raises and maintains the humidity level, with virtually no maintenance needed. It is important that the system is non-drip as any spots on the mushrooms caused by water droplets can lead to product waste.

For more information, see our Humidification for Mushroom Storage & Growing page.

Office Humidification Systems

Offices controlled by air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter can have a detrimental effect on employees’ health, decreasing productivity and increasing time at work lost through ill health.

For more information, see our Office Humidification Systems page.

Humidification for Packaging

Achieving and maintaining the correct humidity level for packaging is essential in maintaining product quality and production speed and efficiency. Whether in the manufacturing process of cardboard for boxes or inserts, embossed board or paper or label printing, low humidity has a detrimental effect on the production process and the finished product.

For more information, see our Humidification for Packaging page.

Humidity Control Systems for Printing

Printing plants can experience problems such as paper curl, cracking during folding, static and airborne dust, Sealpump’s efficient plant humidification systems can help eliminate all these problems while offering low maintenance and low running costs and operator peace of mind.

For more information, see our Humidity Control for Printing page.

Humidity Control for Proving Rooms and Ovens

Poor control over humidity levels in proving rooms and ovens can lead to poor quality final product and increased waste. These problems can be avoided by installing one of our highly efficient humidity control systems.

For more information, see our Proving Room and Oven Humidification page.

Humidity Control for Retarder Provers

Whether you are a small craft bakery, a family bakery with multiple outlets or large scale producer we can help improve humidity control in your retarder prover whilst reducing energy usage and running costs. Our fogging systems can save up to 90% on the more traditional steam systems.

For more information, see our Humidity Control for Retarder Provers page.

Humidification for Schools

Teachers, students and staff spend most of their time indoors in class rooms and offices, often with many people in relatively small rooms and with artificial heating and air conditioning systems. It is vital that these rooms are kept in the best and most comfortable environment as possible to give the students and staff the highest level of comfort and health.

For more information, see our Humidification for Schools page.

Humidity Control for Textile Production

Low humidity in the textile industry can create static build up and dust problems, while the correct humidity level helps maintain material weight and quality. The use of one of our humidity control systems can help with all these issues.

For more information, see our Humidity Control for Textile Production page.

Humidity Control Units for Timber Working and Storage

Achieving the correct level of humidity in the timber and wood industry is key in helping maintain the product quality, this is true when storing or during the manufacturing process of things such as window frames or furniture. As well as achieving and maintaining the optimum humidity level, our fogging systems also help reduce any airborne dust created.

For more information, see our Humidity Control for Timber page.

Our Industrial Humidification Technology

Our Sonicom fogging nozzle is ideal for increasing the level of relative humidity within a room by introducing moisture back into the air without causing wet areas or excessive water drop out.

To complement our own technology, we are also proud to be associated with Merlin Technologies of Austria, whose range of high quality humidification and measuring equipment help create the perfect environment for whatever application you may have. Merlin systems are used successfully throughout the world helping create better business conditions through efficient humidification technology.

  • Creates the perfect environment for your specific requirement.
  • Creates better business conditions through efficient humidification technology.

Why Sealpump?
  • One of the world’s leading suppliers of air humidification systems
  • Low maintenance and low operating costs
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Eliminates dust, mould, bacteria & virus
  • Plug and play installation
  • Reduction of wastage in production
  • Reduction of static electricity & dust
  • Improved indoor climate

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Humidification Reduces Static for Digital Printing Company

"UK digital printing and packaging company uses Sealpump Humidification Systems to reduce static and improve production quality."

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