Pet Food Manufacturer

A Sealpump Engineering Case Study

"Pet Food Manufacturer uses Sealpump Engineering spray technology to add vitamins to product."


A large pet product manufacturer had to find a reliable way of applying a vitamin solution evenly and in the correct amounts to a range of pet food products they were producing. This was a new product for them and therefore had no previous experience in how to apply the additive to the product.


A Sealpump Engineer attended site to discuss the application and offer a system to suit. It was decided that, as the product was moving on a conveyor system, that 2 off Air Assisted atomising nozzles, suitable for spraying viscous liquids, should be mounted above the conveyor to spray onto the product as it passed. These nozzles were self-cleaning meaning that they would not block, ensuring repeatable and accurate performance.

The sprays were to be triggered by sensors mounted on the conveyor frame to detect material on the belt, meaning that the vitamin solution would not be wasted by spraying when there is no product and also ensuring that the belt does not get wet.

Sealpump supplied a fully automatic fluid delivery system which included pump, material pressure tank with pneumatic agitator and level control. The delivery system and spray nozzle controls were incorporated into a stainless steel wall mounted control system.

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Case Study

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