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Combining Humidification with Room Disinfection

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In keeping with all our systems high hygiene standards, Merlin’s aerosol disinfection technology offers two new hygienic solutions, suitable for various applications; the ZeroX and ZeroXR combine humidification with room disinfection, as well as offering the option of performing a hygienic flush of your existing humidification system by yourself.

ZeroXR Aerosol Disinfection in Action

Aerosol Disinfection

Using ultra fine aerosol disinfection as an effective extra precaution to standard wipe down disinfection. As well as adding an extra layer of protection, aerosol disinfection can disinfect hard to reach and hidden areas.

Adding disinfectant to your humidification system creates one system providing both air humidification and room disinfection. The concentration of the approved disinfectant solutions are extremely low, by complying with the legal regulation, the workplace concentration levels are not to be exceeded.

To purchase or to receive further information, please speak to a disinfectant manufacturer directly. Please note that any disinfectants to be used must be approved by the regulating authority. For the dosage of the disinfectant, please consult with the manufacturers. To avoid

showing any preference to a manufacturer, we do not recommend a specific solution, provider, or manufacturer.

Aerosol disinfection is a useful and substantial addition to standard forms of cleaning. It is not intended to replace your existing standard cleaning procedures or traditional wipe down disinfection.

  • Suitable for room disinfection
  • Perform hygienic flush of your direct room humidification system
  • Integration into existing Merlin systems possible
  • Self-installation possible

Features (cont)
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Built in dosing unit adjustable in relation to system flow rate
  • Includes magnetic diaphragm dosing pump, flow meter & check valve
  • Includes suction lance (can be used for up to 30L) & install material

Case Study

Commercial Fabric Manufacturer

"Commercial fabric manufacturer improves test lab condition with accurate Dry Fog humidity control system"

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