Spray Nozzles for Continuous Casting Cooling

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Spray Nozzles for Continuous Casting Cooling

Slabs, blooms and billets are often cooled using water, ensuring quality spray nozzles are installed within the spray segment chambers will maximise the cooling efficiency and even cooling across the product.

Sealpump engineering offer quality airmist spray technology and hydraulic spray nozzles. Airmist spray technology offers a uniform distribution, fine atomisation combined with good impact. Hydraulic nozzles are used in top zones of slab casting machines, and throughout billet cooling zones, the increased contact area of the spray helps minimise temperature gradients, a contributing factor in crack formation in the steel.

Sealpump sales engineers will assist in helping size the correct solutions and offer competitive pricing and availability, please contact our office for further details.

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Pet Food Manufacturer

"Pet Food Manufacturer uses Sealpump Engineering spray technology to add vitamins to product."

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