Dust Control for the Steel Industry

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Dust Control for the Steel Industry

Raw material handling plants, coke ovens, sinter plants, blast furnaces and BOS plants are all processes within steel manufacturing that generate high levels of dust, and subsequently dust problems.  Improving the air quality and reducing the airborne dust is essential to steel company employees and in meeting health and safety standards

We offer vast experience in the design and supply of systems that effectively suppress and control airborne dust, we offer complete systems that are easily retro-fitted to existing plant or component parts only.

Solutions range from dry fog dust suppression, suitable for suppression of fine materials including limestone, while adding less than 0.1% moisture. We also have a wide range of water mist systems, atomising heads and rain-gun system for larger outdoor areas.

Sealpump sales engineers will assist in helping size the correct solutions and offer competitive pricing and availability, please contact our office for further details.

Case Study

Commercial Fabric Manufacturer

"Commercial fabric manufacturer improves test lab condition with accurate Dry Fog humidity control system"

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