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Spiral Nozzles

Spiral nozzles produce either a spiral full cone or hollow cone spray pattern, the spiral full cone pattern is developed from a series of concentric hollow cones which combine to give a full cone effect. The liquid is atomised into small droplets by a continuously descending spiral, therefore enters and exits with no internal restrictions through the nozzle. The result is a higher discharge velocity so low pumping pressures can be used to produce the required atomisation. We offer a wide range of flow rates and pressures with spray angles available from 60° to 180°. All spiral nozzles benefit from an unobstructed flow passage thus minimising clogging potential.

Optimisation tips:

  • Evaluate your specific spray application and implement a regular nozzle maintenance plan.
  • Monitor flow rate and pressure to detect wear, loss of pressure and /or increase in flow confirms nozzle wear.
  • Use strainers to reduce nozzle clogging and ensure optimal performance.
  • Visual inspection of spiral nozzles confirms that nozzle wear destroys spray pattern uniformity. Streaks develop and the pattern becomes heavy or light in sections.
  • Spiral type hollow cone nozzles produce droplets that are slightly coarser than other hollow cone nozzles, this type of nozzle offers high flow rates in a compact size.

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