Automatic Spray System For Industrial Applications

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Automatic Spray System For Industrial Applications

In many industrial manufacturing industries a large range of coatings need to be applied to products to such as metals and wood products as they make there way through the process to become the finished product. The application of coatings such as lubrication oils, rust inhibitors,specialist wood coatings, release agents and many more can be improved through the use of our Automatic Spray System. Using this electrically actuated spray system can control and reduce the amount of expensive fluid being used, reduce waste and rejected products, improve process cleanliness and optimise production.

Our electrically actuated pulsed spray systems are the ideal solution for all these applications as they also eliminate misting and overspray which is very important especially when spraying oils and coatings that do not evaporate like water. As well as improving the process, this also makes the working environment for staff much better. We have experience in spraying almost all materials within many industries and are able to help with the design and supply of the most efficient, reliable spray system. Sealpump can also carry out intitial spray tests at our facility in order to help select the best spray solution.

How The Automatic Spray System Works


The electrically actuated pulse spray system and nozzles have an internal solenoid valve mounted virtually next to the nozzle tip itself. This electrically actuated valve allows the nozzle to be turned on and off extremely quickly giving exact control over the flow rate produced but without altering the pressure as is the case with standard hydraulic and pneumatic atomising sprays.

By being able to control the flow rate through controlling the pulse cycle, lower flow rates can be achieved and importantly without compromising the spray performance, so the angle and droplet size can remain the same while the flow adjusts for different line speeds or product application rates for example.

It can be used at high speeds and so can be used on high speed production lines. Pressure can remain constant as the flow can be adjusted by simply altering the spray pulse cycle.

This method of control also greatly reduces the misting and overspray that is often seen in low flow atomising systems. This helps with material usage control, improves system and process cleanliness and can have employee health benefits, especially when spraying oils and glazes.


  • Lubrication of steel or aluminium strips with lubricant or anti-corrosion material
  • Applying aromas to tissue products
  • Spraying resin onto engineered wood or wood chips
  • Coating presses with release agents
  • Adding moisture to textiles prior to finishing
  • Spraying release agents to concrete block moulds
  • Applying adhesives
  • Spraying specialist coatings onto engineered wood products
  • Many more

  • High speed pulse of up to 4500 cycles per minute is suitable for high speed production lines and allows production to be increased
  • When used with the Automatic jet Spray Controller it gives precise control over the flow rate and spray angle
  • Flow rate can be easily adjusted simply by adjusting the on/off of the spray cycle on the control panel screen
  • Different flows can be achieved with a single nozzle size
  • Low flow rates are possible with larger orifice nozzles, reducing the risk of nozzle blockage
  • Food grade nozzle & system available
  • Eliminates misting and potential overspray improving product quality and improving process cleanliness
  • Minimal waste with optimum coverage

Download our Automatic Spray System Brochure (PDF)

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