Hydraulic Automatic Spray Nozzle

Electrically Actuated Hydraulic Spray Gun

Hydraulic Automatic Spray Nozzle


This new electrically actuated hydraulic spray gun is designed for use in applications where accurate low flow rates and rapid on/off control is required. This Automatic spray gun’s internal electrically actuated valve allows for rapid pulsing of the spray of speeds of up to 4500 times per minute, which can reduce flow rate but maintain spray performance.

Low flow rates without misting is achieved using this nozzle by being able to adjust the spray pulse cycle, rather than by adjusting liquid or air pressures as is the case with standard air atomising nozzles.

This allows larger orifice size nozzles to be used which in turn reduces the risk of the nozzles blocking, so different viscosity materials can be sprayed with consistency.

By being able to adjust the flow rate by changing the nozzle pulse cycle, it means that the spray performance remains stable without changes in spray angle or droplet size.

Depending on the application and spray type required, flat fan & deflected flat fan nozzle tips can be used.

Due to its way of working the Automatic spray nozzle reduces the amount of mist and overspray created which helps with site cleanliness and also has health benefits especially when spraying oils or glazes.

  • High speed operation, up to 4500 cycles per minute is ideal on fast production lines and therefore allows to increase production.
  • When using our control system with the SJSG system, you have a very precise control of the flow rate and the spray angle, thanks to a very fast on-off.
  • The flow rate can be varied in a simple and very fast way, just by changing the ON-OFF / ON times in the control panel (see specification).
  • Different flow rates can be obtained with a single nozzle model.
  • Low flow rates can be obtained with nozzles with a large passage hole, reducing the risk of occlusion of the nozzle hole.
  • Using the SJSG system minimizes the danger of product nebulization and the consequent possible health risk, it also allows less product use and therefore economic savings.
  • It is possible to cover a wide range of productions using a single nozzle, thus reducing management costs.

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