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A correctly sized and well-made spray nozzle can have a huge influence on the quality and efficiency of a process or the finish on a final product and is something that is often ignored. This is probably due to the fact that they are a small physical part of the overall manufacturing process

Why Choosing the Correct Spray Nozzle Matters

Although physically small, they are a key component of any system where spray technology is needed as they are very often the last part of a process that has contact with a finished product or used at a stage where optimum spray performance is needed. For example, in the steel industry a precisely specified descaling nozzle directly affects the finished steel product by accurately removing scale from the surface of the steel, giving it a high-quality finish.

In the food industry, food producers often want to apply a glaze or coating to a product in a specific quantity which has to be repeatable for thousands of cycles, using the correct spray nozzle ensures that the exact amount is applied time and time again. This not only gives the best product but can also save the manufacturer a lot of cost in wasted glaze or coating, as well as reducing down time and rejected final product.

Spray nozzles are designed to precisely meter the exact amount of fluid they deliver, whether that be water, lubrication oils, coatings, or chemicals, and shape it into the correct spray pattern and angle. Sealpump supports its customers by working with them to make sure that they have the correct spray nozzle and accessory for their application.

There are thousands of types and variations of spray nozzles, each with unique characteristics, such as spray pattern, spray angle, flow rate, droplet size, material, and connection type. Depending on the application, these factors alter in order to achieve the most efficient and effective spray performance, longest life and reliability.

Spray nozzles, along with well designed supply systems, can also reduce water and energy use by applying the correct amount at the correct pressure. After sizing the correct spray type for your application, these savings can be continued through planned maintenance, this planned maintenance allows the user to check whether the nozzles are beginning to wear for example. At this point new spray nozzles or tips can be installed to maintain both spray performance and continue to use the correct amount of spray solution, energy and power.

Sealpump Engineering has the correct nozzle for your spray application, with thousands of nozzles readily available in various configurations and materials, a quick, professional service is guaranteed. Should you have a particular application or spray nozzle you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch with our office to speak with one of our sales engineers.


• Evaluate your specific spraying application and implement a regular spray nozzle maintenance plan
• Use in line filtration or nozzle strainers to reduce nozzle blocking and increase the nozzle’s working life

Optimisation (cont)

• Monitor flow rate and pressure to detect wear, loss of pressure and/or increase in flow confirms nozzle wear
• A sudden pressure increase usually occurs from having blocked spray nozzles

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"Microwaveable rice manufacturer improves cooking efficiency by installing starch solution spraying systems."

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