Mini Mist Air Atomising Nozzle

Internal Mix Air Atomising Nozzle

Mini Mist Air Atomising Nozzle


The mini mist nozzle is an extremely compact internal mix air atomising nozzle ideally suited to applications where space is at a premium but low flow and volume control is critical.

The flow rate is easily controllable, with the mist being able to be reduce to almost a vapour and then increased for a coarser mist. It’s design and simple structure also minimises the risk of clogging.

This nozzle is ideal for use in applications such humidifying small areas, cooling of gases and many more.

Materials Available

303 Stainless steel

  • Flower cultivation, fountains, cooling of gases.
  • Spraying of chemicals, deodorization, humidification, etc.

  • Flow rate is controllable from very small to relatively large.
  • Compact design for connecting in a limited space.
  • Wide spray angle.
  • Fine droplet.
  • Simple structure minimizes clogging, and easy cleaning.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical CIP

"Shower Gel & cosmetic creams manufacturer improves process cleanliness & lost production through less downtime with automated clean in place system."

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