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Full Cone Nozzles

Full cone nozzles produce a solid cone shaped spray pattern with a round impact area; these nozzles ensure a precise uniformed distribution of liquids throughout the entire circular impact area. To achieve this we offer two nozzle designs, firstly an inline axial full cone design using a swirl vane to create the uniform cone spray. Secondly a tangential full cone nozzle, this design has no swirl vane insert and achieves its spray pattern by spraying the liquid at 90 degrees to the inlet, thus generating a swirl chamber within the nozzle, the advantage to this nozzle design is that it minimises clogging potential. We offer a wide range of flow rate and pressures with spray angles available from 30° to 110°.

Optimisation tips:

  • Evaluate your specific spraying application and implement a regular nozzle maintenance plan
  • Use nozzle strainers or in-line filters to reduce nozzle blockage.
  • Be sure to use the best type of full cone nozzle for your application, contact our office for assistance with this.
  • Monitor flow rate and pressure to detect wear of the orifice or swirl vane.
  • Watch for heavy streaks in the centre of the spray, as wear occurs more liquid is concentrated in the centre.

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