Spray Nozzles For Coke Quenching

Spray Technology For the Steel Industry

Spray Nozzles For Coke Quenching

Wet quenching prevents the coke from burning up in the air, we specify high volume, low pressure full cone spray nozzles for this process.  It is common to have an array of nozzles installed in the system, located above the coke car or within the cooling chamber of the tower.  Ensuring the sprays have an even distribution across the spray pattern with an inclusive spray angle of approx. 90/95 degree is essential.

The water system is typically low pressure and roughly half the water leaves the quench system as steam, while the remaining water can be drained and recirculated.

Sealpump sales engineers will assist in helping size the correct spray nozzles and offer competitive pricing and availability, please contact our office for further details.

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