Automatic Liquid Delivery System

Manual and automatic fill liquid delivery systems

Automatic Liquid Delivery System


Depending on the amount of spray heads and the volume required on any particular system, we can either supply a manual fill liquid delivery system or an automatic fill system.

The manual fill system features a material pressure tank which can be manually filled at the start of a shift for example. We can also provide low level alarms to alert the operator when it needs to be refilled. This system is suited to either systems with extremely low volume or for systems that are only needed when a particular product is being produced.

Our auto-fill liquid delivery system is ideally suited to continuous, high speed production lines and where minimal operator input is wanted. For applications where either water or materials that are supplied in large volumes such as IBC’s are used, the autofill system will use an air driven diaphragm pump to take the liquid from the supply, then pump it into our material pressure tank. This has high and low level sensors so can automatically maintain the right level.

In either system, we use the pressure tank as a stable source of liquid to supply the sprays rather than supply directly from a pump. This eliminates any potential variations in the liquid supply and gives the sprays a consistent supply of liquid when needed.

Case Study

UK Car Plant Dust Control

"UK car plant improves humidity and dust control while reducing rejected painted parts."

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