Automatic Spray Controller

Easily set pulse speed and spray duration time through the touch screen controls

Automatic Spray Controller


The Automatic Spray system is made up of the Automatic spray nozzles (hydraulic or pneumatic), spray header, spray controller & liquid delivery system. This complete package gives the user a comprehensive spray solution for applying a large range of coatings efficiently and with accuracy.

The spray controller controls the rapid on/off of the electrically actuated spray nozzles while in its spray cycle and also turns them on/off depending on whether product is present or not. The controller can electrically pulse the nozzles upto 4500 cycles per minute, meaning that at a high rate of pulse the spray looks like it is on constantly whereas in fact it is pulsing in order to control the flow rate without affecting spray performance and droplet size.

The controller features touch screen control, making system adjustments easy for the user. Pulse speed and spray duration time can be easily set through the screen controls. Product sensors can be linked in to the spray control to allow for spraying only when product is present.

Case Study

Mould Release Spray System

"The site manufactures moulded PU products for the offshore industry. Engineered mouldings are produced for buoyancy, bend protection, thermal insulation and marine fenders, etc."

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