Viscore Humidification System

Direct Room Humidification System

Viscore Humidification System


The Viscore Humidification system is an advanced and high-performance humidity control system which is extremely user friendly and well designed.

Treated drinking water is compressed by a high-pressure pump and conveyed via high pressure flexible pipe to the individual zones, where it is spread across the humidification units. The micro drop high performance nozzles ensure the finest atomisation over a long lifetime.

An easy to use central control unit regulates run and pause times of the humidification process, while humidity sensors transmit the current air humidity value to the graphic touch screen panel of the PLC control.

The Viscore system can individually control up to 4 separate zones to their required humidity level. This is expandable at any time should you need to add zones.

The new design of the Viscore not only implements the user friendly and up to date plug and play principle but is also technologically and visually future orientated.



FS150 Humidity Sensor:

The sensor measures the relative humidity in the individual humidification zones. If needed, the humidity can be adjusted in each zone.
The FS150 is extremely accurate and has fast reaction times.

PLC Control:

The intelligent PLC control with colour touch screen panel and easy to use navigation displays the values of the humidity sensors and ensures perfect room air humidity.
The zones are individually controllable.

Flexible in every aspect:

The Viscore’s modular design offers the right solution for all requirements. The high-pressure system and reverse osmosis can be combined into one unit or used individually.
The system can be expanded from 1-4 zones at any time.




Viscore Install Dagenham


  • Printing
  • Automotive
  • Timber production
  • Furniture manufacture


  • MICRO DROP atomisation
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Almost zero maintenance required
  • Adjustable for different room sizes
  • High level of reliability and safety
  • High standard of hygiene

Benefits (cont.)

  • Intuitive, compact design
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Frequency-controlled water pump
  • Operation period and pause time individually adjustable
  • Each zone is individually adjustable
  • Expandable at any time: up to 4 zones
  • High-pressure monitoring
  • Hygiene interval switching
  • PLC control with graphic touch color panel
  • Modular design: can be combined in one unit with water treatment

Case Study

Pet Food Manufacturer

"Pet Food Manufacturer uses Sealpump Engineering spray technology to add vitamins to product."

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