Reducing Infection by Humidity Control

How can humidification help with infection control?

Making Your Environment Healthy

One of the most overlooked, but important benefits of having the correct humidity levels indoors is how it reduces the spread and transmission of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Low indoor humidity gives viruses the ideal environment to survive and remain infectious for longer periods, therefore increasing the chances of transmission to those living and working in that space.

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Numerous scientific studies show that it is critical to maintain indoor humidity levels between 40-6-% rh to create the healthiest and most comfortable environment.

These studies show that at between 40-6-% humidity the following happens:

People’s immune system works to the optimal level

Relative humidity of below 40% makes a person’s mucous layer in the nose and throat dry, reducing their effectiveness against catching and clearing infectious particles. Humidity levels of 40-60% add enough moisture to the air to combat this and therefore maintain optimal function of your immune system.

People perform at their best

Controlling the environment where people spend most of their time such as offices, public buildings, schools and of course homes is essential in improving the way people feel by creating the correct humidity level, a level where bugs are discouraged and where people can feel their best, and in work environments, perform at their best

Depending on the type and size of room or building, this control can easily and efficiently be controlled by the use of either a mobile humidifier, assisted by our air purifiers or in larger areas or buildings with multiple rooms, the installation of a fixed, either in duct or direct room humidification system.

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Case Study

Humidification Reduces Static for Digital Printing Company

"UK digital printing and packaging company uses Sealpump Humidification Systems to reduce static and improve production quality."

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