Flour Dust Control

Humidification for the Baking Industry

Flour Dust Control in the Baking Industry

Throughout the baking process there are many machines and processes that create heat and therefore make the production area hot and dry for the staff working there.

By adding a humidification system to the bakery, itself, as well as the critical process areas, it can make the environment a much more comfortable place to work. A direct room adiabatic humidifier will offer comfort cooling, while maintaining the humidity and temperature at the optimal level.

Another advantage of using a direct room humidification system within the bakery is that it helps suppress and reduce flour dust. Dust from flour, grain or other powders used, when either being milled, moved, or processed, can cause airborne dust which is both respirable and combustible.

Our humidity control systems offer dual function as they can also help to suppress any airborne material and crucially without wetting any equipment or material. The dust can then settle on the floor or other surfaces and be cleaned within the bakeries standard cleaning procedures.

If dust problems are an issue in your bakery, then we can help with either full factory control or by supplying localised fogging systems to control any dust at source, for example, when flour bags are unloaded.

Case Study

Art Storage Humidification System Case Study

"Art Storage Company Eliminates the Risk of Humidity Damage Using Sealpump Humidity Control System"

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