Humidification for Mushroom Storage & Growing

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Humidity Control for Mushroom Houses

Mushrooms are best cultivated at high humidity levels of around 95% relative humidity so reliable system to control to this level is crucial.

Our Dry Fog humidification system is perfectly suited to mushroom houses as it raises and maintains the humidity level, with virtually no maintenance needed. It is important that the system is non-drip as any spots on the mushrooms caused by water droplets can lead to product waste.

Our Dry Fog system is the efficient alternative to the traditional method of steam generation to control humidity. Steam is extremely expensive and very maintenance intensive, our Dry Fog system offers up to 95% energy cost saving when compared to steam. Steam also raises the temperature in the room, which means cooling units have then to be used to bring the temperature back down to the desired level, this is not the case with the fogging system.


1-5 micron droplets

Non-drip & self-cleaning nozzles


Virtually no maintenance

Up to 95% saving compared to traditional steam systems

Controls can be integrated into existing room control system

Low running costs

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Case Study

UK Car Plant Dust Control

"UK car plant improves humidity and dust control while reducing rejected painted parts."

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