Art & Antiques Humidification

Humidity Control for Art & Antiques

Controlling Humidity for Art & Antiques

A lot of care is taken in preserving, storing, and displaying items with historical significance for both current and future generations to enjoy works of art or artefacts which help understand all aspects of history. This means the temperature and humidity of where they are stored and displayed must be tightly controlled.

Whether in a secure storage facility or public gallery or museum, control over the environment is essential in combatting the fluctuations in temperature and humidity. These fluctuations can be affected by the seasonal weather changes, building conditions and the number of visitors a museum or gallery can have for example.

Low humidity can have numerous problems on all forms of artefacts caused by the air not having enough moisture. Paintings, sculptures, pottery, wooden items such as musical instruments can warp, develop splits or cracks, and become fragile and delicate unless kept in the correct conditions.

Installation of our efficient humidification systems can protect the pieces by creating the ideal environment, no matter the facility. Depending on the facility we have the right solution, for example in a museum or gallery, our in duct high pressure humidification system (Orbit Wing/Corbit) are perfectly suited as they are very discreet, quiet and can control the entire building efficiently.

For private storage or storeroom facilities, our direct room humidification systems can be used.


Very accurate humidity control

Responsive to slight atmospheric changes

Quiet & discreet

Low running costs

Dry fog or micro drop technology

Control can be integrated into building management systems

95% saving compared to steam generation




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Musical instrument storage

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Case Study

Art Storage Humidification System Case Study

“Art Storage Company Eliminates the Risk of Humidity Damage Using Sealpump Humidity Control System”

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