Orbit Wing Hybrid

Air Humidification & cooling from a single system

Orbit Wing Hybrid


The new 2-in-1 Orbit Wing system from our partner Merlin Technology now offers the ideal climate for people, material and the environment, both in summer and in winter. This new dual solution with tested hygiene guarantees maximum safety.

Adding to the existing Orbit Wing duct humidification system, the Orbit Wing Hybrid delivers both adiabatic cooling in summertime and air duct humidification in wintertime. The new orbit wing hybrid can be integrated into any new or existing duct.

The Hybrid system is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard air conditioning systems. This 2 in 1 system can, in many applications, replace an air conditioning system in summer due to the cooling effect it produces, while also greatly reducing energy use when compared to conventional cooling systems, resulting in cost savings.

Technical Edge:

Merlin’s Orbit Wing Hybrid’s continuous control gives adjustable regulation of the desired cooling output. This easy operation is done via the touch screen display, just like a smartphone.


Case Study

Art Storage Humidification System Case Study

"Art Storage Company Eliminates the Risk of Humidity Damage Using Sealpump Humidity Control System"

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