Humidification Systems for Healthcare

Humidity Control for Healthcare

Controlling Humidity for Healthcare

Maintaining a consistently controlled healthy environment is essential in all healthcare settings such as hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and many more.

Corbit Duct Humidification System
Corbit Duct Humidification System

Controlling the relative humidity in any setting where people spend a lot of time is important as the correct humidity reduces the chance of a person of not feeling at their best and increases their susceptibility to infections. This is especially critical in healthcare settings.

Humidity of below 40% starts to weaken the body’s immune and defence system and leaves a person more likely to contract an infection and less effective at fighting it. The very nature of hospitals, doctors and other healthcare settings means the patients admitted are there to recover, while the staff treating the patients and all other staff must have an environment that not only aids recovery but gives the very best working environment. Therefore, maintaining humidity of between 40-60% is critical, this will ensure it gives the best chance for people to recover and protect them from contracting other infections.

The Orbit Wing in duct humidification system is a very efficient and effective way of controlling humidity and supplying humidified air to various areas and rooms within the building. Our Micron Drop direct room humidification can also be used in waiting rooms and offices for example. Both these systems are designed with the highest standards of hygiene with full water treatment systems.



Doctor’s surgeries

Outpatient facilities


Treatment and Consultation rooms


Maintaining humidity at 40-60% is optimum for a person’s health and comfort,

Low running and maintenance costs when compared to steam

Reduced heating and ventilation costs, both in winter and summer

Reduces transmission of airborne bacteria & viruses

Hygienic design

Case Study

Pharmaceutical CIP

"Shower Gel & cosmetic creams manufacturer improves process cleanliness & lost production through less downtime with automated clean in place system."

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