AER & AERV Humidification Units

Humidification Units With and Without Ventilation

AER & AERV Humidification Units


The 'AER' and 'AER v' are specially designed humidification units, which have been built to have the lowest installation height possible feature micro drop technology for ultra-fine atomisation and come in several configurations. The wide variety of modules and styles can be used in a wide range of room layouts and as such ensure optimal humidification efficiency.

Their design, ultra-low energy consumption and low noise levels all mean that the units are also suitable for use in all industrial settings as well as showrooms and offices.

These humidification units are available in a variety of designs and can be mounted on ceilings, walls, or pillars.

Automatic Self-Venting:

The special re-designed nozzle ring enables the automatic self-venting function of the entire high-pressure system, which virtually eliminates the need for maintenance.

Humidification Units Without Ventilation:

These humidification units can be installed under the correct ambient conditions. Due to their quiet operation, they are especially suitable for showrooms and offices.

Mounting Options

Humidification Units With Ventilation:

These humidification units absorb warm ambient air from above, creating a warm air cushion. This warm air cushion allows for fast evaporation while ensuring an even distribution of humidified air throughout the room. An optionally installed dust filter actively cleans the air that passes through. Due to the air that is sucked in from above, warm air from the under the ceiling is actively recirculated.

Mounting Options
Heat Distribution

Case Study

Pharmaceutical CIP

"Shower Gel & cosmetic creams manufacturer improves process cleanliness & lost production through less downtime with automated clean in place system."

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