Digital Printing Company – Humidity Control

“Leading digital printing firm installs a Merlin Viscore Humidification System to greatly reduce expensive ink drying out, reducing machine breakdowns”


A large UK based digital printing company had recently installed a new state of the art digital printing machine to improve and speed up their production.  However, due to low humidity levels within the factory, they were having problems with static build up and the ink drying out, therefore causing costly machine breakdowns as well as unnecessary spend on replacement machine parts.


Following a site visit by a Sealpump engineer and discussions with the customer, it was recommended to use the Viscore Direct room humidification system manufactured by our partner Merlin Technology Gmbh, Austria.

The Viscore system uses Micro Drop technology from Merlin to raise the humidity levels in the production area, importantly without wetting any product, material of equipment.  It was agreed that we would use 4 off high-pressure roof mounted humidification units, evenly spaced around the production area.

These humidification units were supplied by our treated water system and controlled via the Viscore control unit.  This control unit regulates the on/off of the system using integrated humidity sensors set to the customers exact requirement.

This system has greatly improved the climate within the production area, especially around the printing machines, leading to a more stable environment and reducing the machine maintenance program and breakdowns.