Dry Fog Humidity Control for Dough Fermentation Rooms

"Dry Fog creates the perfect conditions for your process"

For traditional bread making methods the fermentation or conditioning rooms is where pre-mixed dough is fermented or conditioned for up to three hours. This process changes the dough from a dense mass into an elastic product which is then ready for the cooking and cooling stages. Fermentation rooms are used mainly when making speciality baked goods rather than bulk products, due to the increased time it takes compared to the more high volume production CBP method favoured by the mass producers.

As with all baking stages, creating a well-controlled environment is essential in helping produce a consistently good end product. By using our Dry Fog technology you can increase the level of relative humidity within a room by introducing moisture back into the air without causing wet areas or excessive water dropout. Most importantly rh can be raised to 99% without the concern of damp equipment or product.

In these rooms, the Dry Fog nozzles are strategically located to give an even humidity level without over fogging. Mains water can be used along with an ultraviolet disinfection unit, and due to the unique self-cleaning nozzle design, there is no risk of blocked nozzles meaning little or no maintenance is required.

Our systems can be supplied with humidity sensors and full control package or we can retrofit into the rooms and link into existing controls the site may have

Dry Fog Humidity Control for Dough Fermentation Rooms

  • Humidity of up to 99%
  • Low pressure system
  • Self-cleaning and non drip system
  • No need for high pressure equipment Advantages
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Easily mounted nozzles
  • No pump required
  • Non-wetting