Dry Fog Humidity Control for Fresh Produce Cold Storage

"Improve shelf life and product freshness with Fogging technology"

One of the biggest problems facing fresh produce producers and suppliers is finding ways to increase the shelf life and freshness of the product, whether it is potatoes or broccoli or carrots and fruits, all without compromising product quality and adding excessive costs.

Our Ultrasonic Dry Fog nozzle system can accurately and economically control the relative humidity of a cold store to up to 99% rh, adding moisture into the atmosphere through millions of airborne water particles as small as 1 micron, but without the wetting of any storage equipment or floors.

The moisture created by the fog allows the product to hold its weight for longer, increase its shelf life and helps reduce the risk of disease. In potato storage it can also protect the potatoes from compression damage which reduces scrap and wasted product.

Our Dry Fog nozzles can also be used to dose in chemicals that stop the risk of sprout growth, again helping the products while at the same time controlling the rh. As we design and supply the complete liquid delivery and spray control package, we can offer either the standard humidity control systems, or a system with the added option of a chemical dosing system, meaning a dual purpose spray solution

Dry Fog Humidity Control for Dough Fermentation Rooms

  • Humidity of up to 99%
  • Low pressure system
  • Self-cleaning and non drip system
  • No need for high pressure equipment Advantages
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Easily mounted nozzles
  • No pump required
  • Non-wetting


  • Increases product shelf life
  • Maintains product weight
  • Less than 5 micron droplets
  • Non-drip & self-cleaning design
  • Reduces risk of disease
  • Protects products from compression damage
  • Low running costs & low energy usage