Humidification for Tobacco Production

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Humidification for Cigarette and Tobacco Production

Maintaining the correct relative humidity during tobacco and cigarette production is crucial for retaining the quality of the product. Shrinkage, flaking, brittleness, splitting and weight loss all result if the environment becomes too dry. If the correct level of humidity is achieved, these problems can be prevented ensuring that the tobacco leaves and associated production equipment are always at their highest level of efficiency.

The optimum moisture content for tobacco is around the 15% by weight. Adding moisture during production is vital to keep the tobacco in first class condition as it progresses through manufacture.

Storage areas within the factory are also subject to environmental concern as these facilities need to maintain a minimum of 60%rH to keep the tobacco in good condition. Other considerations should be given to the paper used during cigarette production as any variation from the ambient will cause paper misfeeds, electrostatic, tearing and lesser quality finish on the final product.

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