By using a dedicated air nozzle rather than relying on open ended pipe, it means you not only greatly reduce and control the amount of expensive compressed air used, but noise levels are reduced significantly, benefitting the automotive manufacturing process.

In applications such as drying following pre-treatment prior to painting, rain simulation and leak testing, the car bodies need drying before moving onto the next stage.

Selecting the correct air nozzle therefore can improve each of these processes. By channelling the air through multi-channel air nozzles, you also increase blowing power.

This performance is based on partitioning the air inflow into single air jets. These separate orifices are arranged to ensure optimum flow conditions provide a uniform, straight and powerful overall air jet.

We also provide a range of round and pencil jet air nozzles for different applications, as well as air movers and suitable mounting options.


Drying after pre-treatment
Drying/blowing off before entering the paint spray booths
Drying following rain simulation
Drying following leak testing


Low air consumption
Low operating costs
Low service air pressure with the same blowing pressure
High blowing impact