Quality Control Spray Marking

Quality Control Spray Marking

Coloured marking to indicate quality standards and for fault finding are an essential component in modern car production. Sealpump Engineering, along with our sister company, Spray Direct @ Sealpump Ltd, use Walther Pilot Gmbh’s tailor-made spray marking systems and high quality components to create the conditions you expect in the interest of future proof technology.

Ensuring quality standards are met and any faults on parts are identified quickly and efficiently is of the utmost importance to car manufacturers as customers’ quality demands increase. Sealpump can help by designing and supplying a high quality spray marking system to integrate into your process.

Defect Marking on Car Bodies

In modern car production, shiny or reflective surfaces occur frequently and being able to guarantee quality to customers is critical. The quality control on this type of reflective surface still takes place using manual techniques. This method is expensive and time-consuming and often provides inconsistent results. Sealpump, using Walther Pilot products, can efficiently automate this process by installing one of our custom-built spray marking systems. These systems can link into your process line, pick up faults from your detection system and spray a quick drying mark on the exact place using high quality automatic spray guns, producing reliable, repeatable results.

Spray Marking following Leak Testing

If any leaks are found during leak testing and rain simulation, it is important that the affected area is identified as quickly as possible so the problem can be easily fixed. This can be done by using one of our spray marking systems. These reliable, quick-drying systems can improve processes and quality control, and automate a very often manual, time-consuming job. Sealpump can design and supply the right system and also assist in the on-going supply of spare parts and quick drying inks in many different colours.