Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Water-based fire protection is critical within the chemical industry, typically installed at high risk areas such as oil or other flammable liquid processing or storage. These processes require deluge spray nozzles. Deluge spray nozzles are suitable where fire can spread quickly on industrial sites.

The spiral deluge nozzle was designed specifically with critical fire and explosion suppression applications in mind. The nozzle design gives superior performance unequalled by traditional cone deluge nozzles.

In addition, we have a range of deflected fan water spray nozzles suitable for fire protection applications – this nozzle type is used to create water curtains.

Using quality spray nozzles made of stainless steel, brass or bronze ensures that the water is sprayed to the precise coverage and flow volume, resulting in optimum fire protection performance.


Quality spray performance
Spiral design produces smaller droplets than conventional design
One piece construction with no internal parts
Blow-off caps available
Clog-resistant design