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Brush Showers


Sealpump design and supply a large range of brush shower spray headers and solutions that are used in applications such as coating, moisturising and cleaning within the paper and pulp industry.

These brush showers feature an internal brush which rotates, cleaning both the internal pipe and the orifice of the nozzles to reduce any blockages, increasing nozzle life and reducing down time and maintenance.

Our brush showers can be supplied with different nozzles such disc type, self-cleaning nozzles and needle jet, and in different lengths and sizes depending on the application.

Our brush showers are available with manual hand wheel or automatic operation depending on the level of operator intervention wanted. By upgrading to the automatic version, cleaning times can be set using a timer or control panel, therefore eliminating any need for an operator, saving time and improving safety.


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  • Cleaning/Washing
  • Coating
  • Moisturising


  • Custom designed to suit your application
  • Manual handwheel or automatic version available
  • A variety of nozzle types can be used
  • Cleaning can be done while in operation
  • Brush design reduces maintenance and increases nozzle life