Configure Your Spray System

Customize Our Spray System to Match Your Needs

Configure Your Spray System


To allow for ease of integration and installation in your process we offer different mounting options on our systems.

The Automated Variable Spray system is available either in two separate panels mounted on a trolley meaning the system can be moved around easily, or in a one panel version which can be machine or wall mounted.

There are also a number of mobile spray trolley designs available to cater for the different requirements of various applications.

However, should you require a bespoke design, please let us know and we will work with you to create the best possible solution.

Customers own logo can be included on the door label and screen ““ ideal for OEM clients who prefer systems to look consistent with their own equipment.

The mobility of the Mobile System means that the system is very versatile and is suited to applications where a panel cannot be mounted on a production line or conveyor.

The Panel/Wall Mounted System offers an all in one control system, which can be mounted in a fixed position in a process, with only the fluid delivery system mounted on a stand or trolley.


Each System tailored for Indivdual Application
Increase in Profitability
Easy Operation & Maintenance
Automation of Production Line
Complete Integration into each process
Controlled Costs
Cost Effective Solution


Unique Pre-Set Spray Programs
Integrated Software Programs
HDMI Touch Screen Control Screen
Food Grade Material Component Option
Spray Cabinet IP65 Rated
Easy to use, step by step controls
System status shown on touch screen panel
Pre-programmed Spray settings allow for change in product, automatically adjusting flow & Spray Coverage to suit individual products
Heated Nozzles, headers, Pressure Vessels and delivery line option with controllable heating panel
Different Mounting & Cabinet Options Available

Configurable Spray Systems

Our systems can feature a manual filling option or have our automatic delivery and filling system which uses an air driven diaphragm pump and pressure vessel. The automatic filling system will fill a pressure vessel to a predetermined level which is controlled by a float switch. This then allows the system to take the fluid from a constant and steady level.

We also offer the option of a temperature controlled system where all components can be heated in order to spray materials like chocolate, fats or butter.

Sealpump’s range of custom built spray controllers can be supplied with a simple manual controller or a fully automated PLC controlled package.

Delivering Costs Benefits from Total Spraying Solutions

Our Manual Control Spray Package offers a more basic way of accurately controlling the right spray nozzle for your application, while not compromising on spray performance.

Manual valves and controls replace the more automated software and pre-set spray programs meaning that the operator would manually input spray pressures to achieve consistent spray performance.  However, your sales engineer will configure your spray system to suit either pre-delivery or on site, as well as leaving details of how different pressures effect spray performance.

These systems are ideal for customers and applications where optimum spray results are required but where complete automation is not essential.  The components this system uses is housed in a single panel which can either be machine or wall mounted or used with of our Spray Control Trolleys.

The manual spray control package offers the control, accuracy and spray performance required at a cost that will be repaid in a short period through:

  • Controlled Costs
  • Less Wasted Product
  • Increase in Product Quality & Profitability
Controllers, Software and Precision Components for Total Spraying Control

Sealpump’s Automated Variable Spraying Systems offer an advanced & self-contained spray control package which enables extremely accurate control over the spraying of liquids and more viscous solutions in many spray applications.

Our tailored systems allow customers to greatly improve their processes in applications such as coating, cooling and cleaning while gaining quick payback by:

  • Minimising Labour Costs
  • Controlling waste product & eliminating overspray
  • Increasing production speed & product quality




Case Study

Pharmaceutical CIP

"Shower Gel & cosmetic creams manufacturer improves process cleanliness & lost production through less downtime with automated clean in place system."

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