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Control Systems



Sealpump design and manufacture a full range of control panels and systems in order to offer a complete control system to suit customer specification.

These systems include water filtration, control devices, control panels and all fixtures and fittings.

A wide and various range of control panels and cabinets are custom made to suit our clients individual requirements. Control options range from single basic pneumatic equipment to sophisticated PLC electrical systems.

Enclosures are manufactured to industry standard and can be of either stainless steel, plastic or steel construction. All systems are fully tested prior to leaving our manufacturing facility.

We endeavour to meet our customers exacting needs to ensure we build a complete control system to perform at its very best.

Our team of engineers are available for installation and will continue to fine tune every control until it functions correctly to the specification required. Further assistance is always available should the need for change develop at some time in the future.

Our installation engineers are fully trained and passport qualified for working in environments where strict working practices are enforced.


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Each System tailored for Indivdual Application
Easy Operation & Maintenance
Complete Integration into each process
Controlled Costs
Cost Effective Solution


Unique Pre-Set Spray Programs
Integrated Software Programs
HDMI Touch Screen Control Screen
Food Grade Material Component Option
Spray Cabinet IP65 Rated
Easy to use, step by step controls
System status shown on touch screen panel
Pre-programmed Spray settings allow for change in product, automatically adjusting flow & Spray Coverage to suit individual products
Heated Nozzles, headers, Pressure Vessels and delivery line option with controllable heating panel
Different Mounting & Cabinet Options Available