Finesse Food Humidification System

Keeps Food Fresh Longer And Greatly Extends Its Shelf Life

Finesse Food Humidification System


The Merlin Finesse keeps food fresh longer and greatly extends its shelf life.

The ultrasonic food humidification system Merlin Finesse keeps food fresh and presentable for considerably longer than without humidity control. It works on the basis of ultrasound principle and humidifies the air with dry fog of 1 ¼m.

The system is complete with a reverse osmosis and an aerosol distribution system of hydrolysis resistant, food-safe materials. Mineral deposits are completely avoided by total desalination.

Water is atomized by ultrasonic vibrations of 1.7 MHz into aerosols of 1 ¼m. An integrated fan distributes the dry fog via air flow to the fresh goods, the aerosol mist (cold vapour) mixes with the ambient air, evaporates completely and keeps the produce goods fresh.

  • Output individually adjustable from 0 – 100%
  • Timer function for humidification & disinfection
  • Programmable remote control
  • Adjustable capacity fan

  • 2-step room hygrostat for ON/OFF Control
  • Control cabinet Inc. room humidity transmitter
  • Various reverse osmosis systems
  • Online conductance measuring
  • Various transformers

  • Corrosion-free stainless steel
  • Dry run, thermal and overflow protection
  • Oscillator of ceramic-piezoelectric material
  • Mains filter for protection against voltage peaks
  • Cross flow fan for aerosol transport
  • Hygiene management AquaDrain®
  • Disinfection programme Contra-Keim®

Case Study

Pharmaceutical CIP

"Shower Gel & cosmetic creams manufacturer improves process cleanliness & lost production through less downtime with automated clean in place system."

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