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Heated Systems


Controls temperature from supply to application

Applying viscous liquids or coatings that need to be temperature controlled pose challenges for many processes, however, with a well-designed spray solution, these challenges can be overcome and processes improved.

We can provide spray nozzles and systems for applications such as coating confectionary with chocolate, spraying butter and oils onto baked goods, applying glazes such as egg and tiger glaze and spaying wax products

As well as selecting the correct nozzle type, Sealpump can then ensure that the spray controller, delivery lines and associated components complement the existing process line, liquid type and production conditions.

For applications where the liquid requires accurate temperature control in order to apply it evenly, we can design and supply a solution that is fully temperature controlled from process start, through the delivery process and even heated nozzles and spray headers.


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Spraying slack wax products to coat fertiliser products
Applying chocolate coatings
Heated fluid movement and transfer systems
Spraying egg glaze
Spraying tiger glaze
Applying butter and margarine to bread products
Cake decoration


Increases production speed
Improved product quality
Improved consistency of product
Reduces waste of expensive coatings and ingredients
Systems can be fully controlled with no “˜cold spots”™
Products can be cooled or heated
Controlled systems are not affected by change in outside temperature
Accurate control of flow & liquid Viscosity