High Pressure Misting Systems

High Pressure Odour Control Systems

High Pressure Misting Systems


Economical and effective to use, the high pressure misting systems are custom designed to provide a solution to odour problems in large open areas, inside buildings. The system atomises a mixed solution of Airopure Odour Control Neutraliser with water, at a typical mix rate of 1-2% Airopure with 98-99% water.

Using patented stainless steel nozzles, water is atomised at pressures of 60-100 bar, a very precise orifice hole and a rotating particle produce very find aerosol droplets, in addition nozzles are available with optional check valve, this locks the nozzle immediately as soon as the liquid is no longer under pressure, so the nozzles do not drip after the spraying operation.

Ensuring quality components are used throughout the system results in a reliable and cost effective odour control system.

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More droplets and less water than low pressure systems
Longer residence time in atmosphere
Robust push-fit high pressure tubing
Optional weatherproof cabinets and thermostat to prevent freezing


Composting Facilities
Landfill Sites
Waste Processing
Food Processing
Any industry producing odours

Case Study

Mould Release Spray System

"The site manufactures moulded PU products for the offshore industry. Engineered mouldings are produced for buoyancy, bend protection, thermal insulation and marine fenders, etc."

19 Ellerbeck Court
Stokesley Business Park
North Yorkshire