Mobile Atomiser

Mobile Odour Control System

Mobile Atomiser


If you have an odour issue on site where power or water are not readily available, or should you need to move the spraying location then the mobile atomiser can solve your problem. The unit can be quickly towed to the required location, is fully self-sufficient with its own water and power supply and can handle most terrain. When used with Airopure odour control agent this unit becomes a powerful effective solution for odour control.


Never blocks
Uses less water than nozzle systems
Low maintenance
Greater coverage
Totally self-sufficient
Can handle any terrain
Uniformed droplets reducing risks from legionella


Power input 110v/petrol or diesel generator
1,000 litre water tank
Atomiser speed 2,000 – 11,000 rpm
Eye or ball hitch available
Atomiser head extendable up to 4 metres
Flow rate from 30 – 180 litres per hour (adjustable)

Case Study

Humidification Reduces Static for Digital Printing Company

"UK digital printing and packaging company uses Sealpump Humidification Systems to reduce static and improve production quality."

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Stokesley Business Park
North Yorkshire